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Well Repair Services

Having your own well can give you lower monthly utility bills - but you are responsible for the upkeep, maintenance and repair of your well and the pump, which can seem daunting. However, the great team here at Jacksonville Well Repair are always here to help, with a regular repair, emergency repair, and maintenance service you can rely on. Don’t panic if you find your well pump needs a repair - chances are we can help, and we will be very happy to come out quickly to your home to assess the situation.

How do I know my well pump needs a repair?

In some cases it will be very obvious that you need a well pump repair. If there is no water whatsoever coming when you open the faucet, then you should probably call in a professional to have a look and repair the problem. However, it is not always quite so drastic, and catching a small fault before the pump completely fails can be both cheaper and easier to repair - and less inconvenient than waiting until there is no water at all. If you notice that the water pressure has dropped significantly, with no obvious reason for this, there could be a fault. Or, if your pump is constantly running, this could also mean it’s time to give us a call.

How long will a well pump last?

How long a well pump will last depends on the type of pump, the amount of use it gets, and the amount of regular maintenance that is carried out. Like any piece of technology, it should have some regular love and attention, to keep it functioning well. Given this, a submersible pump can last for 15 years, and an above ground jet pump for 10 years. However, we often get called in by new homeowners who don’t know exactly how long their pumps have been in the property. In this case, we can help repair, and assess the life expectancy of your well pump. Give Jacksonville Well Repair a call if you need help!

What are the causes of well pump failures?

There are a number of common causes of well pump issues, and our skilled contractors will help you to figure out where the problem lies, so we can fix it. You might have an inadequately sized pump, or pressure tank, which can lead to the pump being over worked, or needing to strain to serve your home. This will cause the pump to have a shorter life than it should. Or you might have problems if there has been a drought and the water table is extremely low. Power failures can also cause the pump to fail.

Our well pump repair service

Jacksonville Well Repair has a reputation for offering excellent customer service, and a high quality of work on all repairs we perform. Every single team member is skilled and experienced, and has worked with different well pump types, and knows the type of problems homeowners typically run into. Give us a call and we will agree when to visit your location - this could be an emergency appointment if you have no water, or a planned appointment if you have a small issue to assess. We also offer water softener repair. We will then review the problem and give you a no obligation quote for the work that needs doing. We look forward to working with you soon!

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