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Well Inspections

You might want a well inspection for peace of mind when buying a property, or it may simply be part of your regular home maintenance as a homeowner. Either way, we are able to provide a full well inspection service - and can tailor the tests and checks to suit your type of well, and the systems installed in your home. All you will need to do is give us a call or drop us a line via our website contact page, to make an appointment. A skilled contractor will then visit your property and carry out all the necessary checks for you.

Why do I need a well inspection?

Well inspections could be needed for a number of reasons. If you’re moving to a new property with a private well, you may need an inspection to get a home loan, or of course, you might want one simply for your own peace of mind, and to check all is in working order. Jacksonville Well Repair can help. We advise that homeowners have their wells inspected every 2 years or so, as the quality of components does change - and sometimes deteriorate - over time, and regular checks can highlight problems before they get serious.

What is checked during a well inspection?

Jacksonville Well Repair offers well inspections which cover all aspects of the health of your well. We will check the history of the specific well, and check the functionality and performance of it today, through tests such as the volume of water pumped per minute/hour, and the water pressure at various points in the well system. These tests give us an opportunity to assess the well pump and all the other major components of the well. We will check the entire well system, from the well hole itself, through the pump and pressure tank, to the pipework and faucets in your home.

How long does a well inspection take?

When you call or email us to arrange your well inspection, we will talk through the length of time it is likely to take to complete your well inspection. Each service is different, and we will tailor our checks to the well type, and the system you have in your home. Usually a well inspection will take two to two and a half hours, although it could take longer if there are other checks involved, such as water testing, or filtration system testing. For more details on the well inspection, or other checks we might advise for your home, get in touch today to make an appointment.

Our well inspection service

Customer service is our priority. That’s why previous clients have told us that Jacksonville Well Repair are among the best in the business, if you need a regular or one off well inspection here in Jacksonville, FL. We will make an appointment to visit your home at a time that suits you and your family and complete the well inspection checks then. After checking - which can take some time due to the thorough testing needed - we will provide you with a full report, and any recommendations for repairs or replacements that we may feel necessary.

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