About Our Business

This is a picture of a well repair pros.

Looking for well pump repair in Jacksonville, Florida? You’re in the right place.

Jacksonville Well Repair has years of experience in well repair, and is a proud local business in Jacksonville, FL. We are experts in all aspects of maintaining and fixing private water wells, including well repair, well pump repair, and water softener repair. We also provide well inspections, and water testing and treatment, both as part of regular maintenance and upkeep, and if you have reason to believe there is a specific issue or contaminant affecting your water supply. Our skilled team will also come to your home to carry out well chlorinations, and water filtration system installation.

If you have an urgent issue, we can also help you - our emergency no-water service is available if you need a 24 hour well pump repair, and well service to come to your property and investigate a sudden loss of water to your home. Give us a call right away so we can understand your issue and dispatch someone to assess and repair any problems that they find.

We are headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida but as a result of our focus on excellent customer care, as well as high work standards, we often find that our clients here recommend us to their friends and family from elsewhere in the state. We are proud to have a growing customer base from all across Jacksonville and beyond. If you would like to learn more about the well repair services we offer, check out the service pages of this website, and the customer testimonials to hear what previous clients have to say about our work.

Jacksonville, FL